I was born in New York in 1957.

My father was a union organizer in the ’30s but

by the time I came along he was called a

“labor-relations consultant”. (OK, he was involved

in some shady deals.) My mother was a

stay-at-home mom. (Though she did spend an

awful lot of time at the beauty parlor.) When I

was 15, my family moved to Miami Beach, where

I spent my high school (and what I consider to be

my formative) years. 


I attended Emerson College in Boston for only a

year. I quit early for one reason: I knew if I spent

the next three years doing as many drugs as I did

in the first year I would probably be brain dead

before I graduated. Hey, it was the ’70s.


I spent the next three years (or what I considered to be the rest of my higher education) living in Manhattan. The late ’70s are considered a low point for the Big Apple, but it was a high point in my life. I spent as much time collecting unemployment insurance as I did working. I performed stand-up comedy in Greenwich Village, wrote screenplays that never sold and briefly held an assortment of strange and unusual jobs before I started working in the promotions department at WABC Radio. 


My friends, and my desire to be a writer, led me to Hollywood. After a few years of more colorful and quirky short-lived jobs, I finally found my niche in the entertainment advertising industry. I’d never even heard of this business before I got here, but it became my career. I started as a writer/producer in the on-air promotions department at NBC, which led me to a management position at CBS, which led me to creative director jobs at several advertising agencies, where I produced trailers and campaigns for movie studios. I spent the last 14 years working as a vice president at an agency that focused on television, in addition to movie and home entertainment marketing. You’ve probably seen some of my TV promos and movie trailers over the years. I always thought they should run credits at the end of those things, then maybe you would have heard of me. 


I finally got married at 45 years old. It was the best decision I ever made. We don’t have any children. Which was probably the second best decision I ever made. 


Along the way, I made a few lifelong friends (some since childhood), tried to be a good person (emphasis on the word “tried”), worked hard (sometimes too hard), had a lot of fun (sometimes too much fun), won a bunch of awards (they are all in boxes), earned a fair amount of money (I could use more), wound up with a lot of incredible memories (I cherish them all) and I’m not done, yet.


Now I am living happily ever after in Los Angeles, where I would like to share the benefit of my experiences and observations with anyone who might learn from and enjoy them.  

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