This will be my final post on this blog. Which is a good thing, because I have moved onto to bigger and better things. More about that later.

For the 3 years I have been blogging I have mostly remained non-political in an attempt not to alienate or aggravate any of my readers. (People are so touchy about their politics these days.) But since this is my last post, I wanted to get some things off my chest that will certainly be unpopular with many but will hopefully be thought-provoking for some.

Politics is very complicated and I don’t pretend to fully comprehend most issues. We all know only what we are fed by the media sources we chose to filter our information through and most of us choose the sources that support the narrative we already believe. Almost everything we know, we know because someone else told us. So before we get all self-righteous and arrogant about our opinions, we should double and triple check our sources and that should include listening to the opposing side. There is a big difference between truly knowing something and simply believing it. I have noticed that the more adamant someone is about the things they have no firsthand knowledge of, the stupider they tend to be.

I expect that when history looks back it will mark the advent of the 24 hour news channels as the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it. Channels like FOX and MSNBC don’t report the news objectively but prefer to present their version of the facts in order to maintain ratings and influence popular opinion. We are living in a time when the media is trying to inflame us with fiery phrases and politicians are trying to change the meaning of words like “truth” and “facts.” It’s become practically impossible to know what to think about most controversies and who to believe. That’s why, when in doubt, I usually check to see what side of the issue Trump is on and then I take the opposite position. Because he is almost always on the wrong side of every issue.

We have nobody but ourselves to blame for our current political shit show. Philosopher Joseph de Maistre famously wrote, “Every country gets the government it deserves.” And I’m sorry to say that, as a country, we deserve Trump. We have gradually lowered our Presidential standards, which has led to this political slide into an amoral abyss. One obvious way that our downward spiral can be tracked is by some famous Presidential quotes about women. We’ve gone from “I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust” to “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” to “You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy.” We sure have come a long way, baby.

It seems that we have always had an unspoken understanding with our politicians that we will expect and accept their lies and broken promises. Call me crazy, but I think we should hold them to higher standards. I’ve seen comparisons of how many lies and falsehoods Trump has told versus Obama. (Which makes me wonder, whose job is it to keep count of Trump’s lies? It can’t be just one person. I imagine it’s a staff of at least 20, all of whom probably work a lot of overtime.) Great, so Obama didn’t lie as much as Trump. Even Jon Lovitz on Saturday Night Live didn’t lie as much as Trump. So how many lies is it acceptable for our President to tell us?

Lovitz Vs. Trump

And who are all these people I see at political rallies who are so riled up about their candidates? I don’t understand how can they still believe in the system and be so passionate about that person. It is commonly accepted that most politicians are, by nature, narcissists. It’s practically a prerequisite for the job. They also tend to be conceited and power hungry mega-manipulators with colossal control issues. Yet, these are the people their followers get so excited about at rallies that they act like groupies at a rock concert.

I’m tired of hearing politicians, pundits and celebrities say, "People aren’t stupid.” Yes! They are! Individually, and in groups, they prove it over and over again. But I suspect the people who say they aren't stupid, are smart enough not to believe it. A study done as recently as 2017 found that 24% of Americans believe that the Bible is the literal word of God. So even if we could fix a system that’s more fucked up than Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage, you can’t fix stupid.

As a populace, we are very fickle, practically bipolar. The pendulum of political parties almost always swings back and forth from one administration to another. Americans have always voted to replace a Republican with a Democrat and vice versa after each administration dating all the way back to Truman, with only one exception (from Reagan to Bush). So as happy and excited as we may seem on their way in, we are usually saying, don’t let the White House door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Politically passionate people often preach about how important it is for everyone to get out and vote. But they don’t really want everybody to vote. They mostly just want the people who support their candidates to vote. Would they really want everyone to vote if they knew the vast majority would cast their ballots for the other candidates? Because that’s just as likely to happen as not. So why don’t they just say what they mean? The Get Out The Vote campaign should be changed to the Get Out And Vote For My Party, Damn It! campaign.

I’m also tired of hearing that “every vote counts” when we know that’s not true. I realize that it’s practically sacrilege to say that out loud because I’ve taken a lot of shit for it in the past. It’s as if everyone has decided to accept this shared delusion, because without it they would have no hope. But ever since we were introduced to the concept of hanging chads we have been made increasingly aware of the many different ways our voting system has been violated. There’s corruption in our campaign finance laws, redistricting and gerrymandering (all of which have been enabled by partisan Supreme Court rulings). There have been honest human errors, technical malfunctions, strategic closings of polling places, undermining of mail-in voting, voter fraud, voter purging and all kinds of voter suppression. There’s bi-partisan acknowledgement of past, present and future Russian influence and hacking that apparently we are helpless to prevent. Not to mention the Electoral College system which is even more screwed up than most people probably realize. With all of that going on it just seems a little naïve to believe that everybody gets an equal vote in this country. But telling someone who is passionate about politics that their vote might not really matter is like telling a religious fanatic that there is no God. They just think that you’re the crazy one.

Here are several segments from various shows that make some of the same points that I’m trying to make, but do it in much more factually detailed and entertaining ways. I would ask that you watch them before you dismiss what I am saying as too cynical.

Adam Ruins Everything: The Electoral College

USA Today: Voter Suppression

Last Week Tonight: Voting Machines

CBS Sunday Morning: Gerrymandering

Last Week Tonight: Voting By Mail

The President of the United States has already declared that the 2020 elections will be rigged. (Although, I expect he’ll change his tune if he wins.) No matter which party does win there will be people from the other side crying out that the election was fixed and that is “Not my President!” So why don’t we all stop pretending that our voting system still works?

I believe that voting is what the rich and powerful use to keep the masses down. It gives us hope for a better life while it allows them to maintain their wealth and power. They want us to believe that voting still makes a difference so that we won’t take other, more extreme measures to implement change. Voting is like a drug that lulls us into a false sense of empowerment.

In spite of believing that, I wish our government would make voting mandatory. But they don’t. I think they should make Election Day a holiday. But they won’t. I think they should make voting easier, instead of harder, but even that has become a divisive issue. Because if everyone actually had an equal vote, then they wouldn’t be able to continue manipulating the system.

So if I don’t think voting is what can save the Republic, what do I think the answer is?

I believe that Trump has been intentionally dividing us and has lead us to the brink of civil war. I think he has been playing us against each other for his own political gain. But you can’t blame everything that’s wrong with our government on him. And you can’t blame it all on the Republicans, either. It cuts both ways. The Democrats bear responsibility in this, too.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't vote, but I don't think that's enough anymore. Our system is fundamentally broken and corrupt and must be immediately and radically changed. We need to take this change to the streets and to the homes of the powers that be. We need to hit them where it will hurt the most - in their wallets. We need to expand the scope of our current social injustice protests and also take a stand against political injustice. We need to stop fighting with each other and unite against the common enemy of our shared oppressors. Because I am afraid that the only way to avoid a civil war, may be with a revolution.

The views expressed in this post are entirely my own and do not necessarily represent that of the management. Oh, wait. I am the management. Fuck it then.

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